Selected Publications, Awards and Prizes


2018- "Shadows," short story, published in Red Fez

2​017​- "Pomegranate," published in Crux

2017- "Bright Angel," published in Beach Reads

2​017- "Break-In," short story, published in ​For the Sonorous

​2017- "The Road," short story, published in Fixional

2017- "Martha Stewart's Cranberry Pie," short story published in Beach Reads

2017- "Bridge of No Return," short story, published in River Tales-Zimbell House Anthology

​2016- "Remembering a Wedding," short story, published in Binge Anthology

2016-"Emily," short story, published in Lowestoft Chronicle

2016-"He Wanted to Fly," flash fiction, published in ​​Kyso

2016- "13A, " flash fiction, published in Lost River Review

2016- "The Hanoi Luxury," short story, published in ​Anak Sastra

2016- "Great Satan Meets the Axis of Evil," short story, published in Lowestoft Chronicle

​2016- "Emperor of Nuts," short story, published in ​Lowestoft Chronicle

​2015-"Bago Station," short story, published in ​Lowestoft Chronicle

2015-"The Flowers," short story, published in Anak Sastra

2014- "The Driver," short story , published in ​Anak Sastra

2014- “House of Mirrors,” short story, published in carte blanche. Performed in “Glowing Bright” art & literature event, Annenberg Community Beach House. Tuesday, July 15 as part of the New Short Fiction Series

 2014-“Lonely Planet,” short story, published in CYCLAMENS & SWORDS

2013-“Vigil”, short story, published in Florida English

2013- “The Palace of Peace and Harmony,” short story, published in CYCLAMENS & SWORDS

2013- “Something to Look Forward to,” short story, published in DIVERSE VOICES QUARTERLY

2013- “Stairway to Heaven,” short story, published in MANDALA.

2013- “Sangre de Cristo,” short story, published in LITERARY HATCHET

2013- “Stay,” short story, published in EMERGE, nominated for the Pushcart Prize

2013- “The Hairdresser,”  “Hanoi Hangout” short stories, published in ANAK                       SASTRA“Author of the Month” Issue 12

2012- “The Christmas Tree,” short story, published in REFLECTIONS

2011- “Mercy,” short story, Top 10, LIGHTSHIP ANTHOLOGY, United Kingdom

2010-“Water,” short story finalist BEST OF THE NET-2010

2010-“Anniversary,” short story, published in LITERARY HATCHET

2010-“The Silk Emporium,” short story, published in LITTER BOX

2009-“Water,” short story, finalist for GLIMMER TRAIN, published in APPLE VALLEY REVIEW

2009-“Snow,” short story, finalist for GLIMMER TRAIN, winner of international award, published in SOUTHWORD

2008-“Remembering a Wedding,” short story, published in TIMBER CREEK REVIEW

2008-“Smart Dates,” short story, published in THE STORYTELLER

2008-New Short Fiction Series-Beverly Hills Library

2007-“Hidden Valley,” short story, published in R.KV.RY

2006-“The Wedding Day,” short story, published in KALLIOPE

2004-2002 Excellence in Writing Awards, Santa Barbara Conference, California

2003 “Roseann’s Castle,” short story, winner of international competition, published in WRITERS FORUM, United Kingdom

2002 “Ashes,” short story, winner of international competition, published in WRITERS FORUM, United Kingdom

2003 “Postcard,” short story, published in SAGE

1999 “The Seaview Gallery,” short story, published in PEARL

1971-2002-Plays Produced

“No Trespassing,” Edward Albee’s Playwright’s Conference, Prince William Sound, Alaska; The Playwrights Group, Los Angeles

The Disappearance,” Actors Playhouse, Long Beach, California

“Leopards,”  winner of Orange County Playwrights Competition,  Produced at Irish Theater Arts Center, Los Angeles, California; Long Beach Studio Theater, Long Beach, California; New Playwrights Festival-Matrix Theater, Los Angeles, California; Unpublished Plays Collection, Los Angeles Public Library

“Glory,” winner of international competition.  Produced at Theater Arts Corporation, Santa Fe, New Mexico; Actors Forum, Los Angeles, California

Long Distance is the Next Best Thing to Being There,”  Produced at

The Academy Theater, Atlanta, Georgia

Ben,” Produced at the Questors Theater, London, England

The Cellar,” “The Family,” “The Subway,”  Produced at the U. of California, Irvine

Writer Residency Awards


Dorland Mountain, Temecula, CA

Ossabaw Island, Savannah, GA

Millay Colony,  New York

Wurlitzer Colony, Taos, New Mexico

Creekwood Colony, Alabama

Squaw Valley, CA    

Berkeley, CA